Indoor Holiday Decor for Brick

The holiday season is an ideal time to decorate indoor spaces, whether walls and furnishings include brick or other materials. But brick, in particular, lends itself to warm and cozy holiday décor. Here are just a few ideas… Fireplaces and Mantles If you have a brick fireplace, add some white lights (either strands of lights […]

Holiday Lighting for Brick Homes

Take an evening drive in November and December and you’re bound to see dozens of houses aglow with twinkling lights. What a beautiful and inspiring sight! Here are some ideas to make the outside of your home shine this holiday season, whether your home features natural brick or another material. Accent Lighting on or Near […]

How to Keep your Home Warm this Winter

If your home isn’t as energy efficient as you’d like it to be, you’ll certainly notice it in the winter months. Here are a few tips to keep your home toasty this holiday and winter season. Doors Doors are notorious for letting in cold air, so consider covering doors with long curtains to eliminate heat […]

How to prevent mortar invasion from quick-growing plants

You will often see vines growing on brick homes. It is a charming look, adding to the visual interest of a home, but if the wrong types of vines are growing and expanding across the surface, they can invade mortar joints and compromise the brick’s integrity. There are three basic types of vines: vines that […]

Winter benefits of brick homes

Brick is one of the most enduring building products, providing warmth as well as wind protection and weather resistance, particularly in the winter. As we’ve discussed earlier, brick is also fireproof and pest resistant. Warmth: Brick buildings have excellent thermal mass. Thermal mass is the ability of a heavy, dense material to store heat and […]

Brick homes and winter energy efficiency

Winter can be an extremely costly time for any homeowner, but owners of brick homes can realistically expect to spend less money on heating costs because brick is more energy efficient than other building materials. It will help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Brick is a building material […]

Fall Decor for Brick Fireplaces and Mantels

If you have a brick fireplace in your home, now is the time to decorate the mantle for the autumn season. A fireplace has a wonderful way of drawing people in to its gathering space to warm up from the cold, so it makes sense to change its look seasonally. The way you choose to […]

Fire Pit Safety Tips

Fall has arrived, ushering in cooler temps in the evenings. Now is the perfect time to entertain family and friends around the fire pit. Regardless of the size or shape of your fire pit, there are some safety tips that we’d like to share. We hope they will serve as friendly reminders to keep your […]

Exterior Fall Cleanup

While brick homes are virtually maintenance-free, this is a good time of year to think about power washing summer moss that may have accumulated in shady areas. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind: If there are any areas in need of mortar repair, complete that process a few days, or ideally a […]

Think fall: Backyard fireplaces and firepits

Fall is the ideal time to install a backyard fireplace or firepit: the cooler weather provides a more hospitable work environment and the project will be finished in enough time that you can enjoy it before winter arrives. A few caveats before you begin Before beginning this DIY or professional construction project, determine the best […]