Watsontown Brick Company employs a variety of techniques to create the many distinctive textures architects, builders and contractors require.

Mudbox is one of brick manufacturing’s oldest textures. At Watsontown Brick Company, mudbox bricks are made with fine clays that are first given a slurry coating. The clay is then coated with sand for a rustic look.

Mudbox Watex is the Mudbox material with and an added texture for an irregular appearance.

Matt textured bricks begin with the extruded die skin. The smooth surface is then wire cut to achieve the distinctive matt texture.

Knife Cut (KT) textured bricks are similar to Matt Textured brick. Instead of a wire, the smooth surface is knife cut which provides the appearance of a finer cut.

Sanded Matt bricks begin with matt textured materials to which an even sand coating is applied.

Sanded Matt Watex is the Sanded Matt material with an added texture for an irregular appearance.

Sanded Smooth texture is achieved by applying a very even sand coating to the smooth, extruded die skin.

Smooth Solids retain the surface of die skin solids for a very even, smooth texture and clean edges.

Vertical texturing is achieved by scoring the extruded die skin surface.

Tumbled—Watsontown Brick Company selects brick from different series, then mechanically textures them after firing. The result is a highly desirable used brick look that is a popular choice for residences and commercial establishment.

Pennsylvania Molded—Fine clays and sands are pressed into wooden molds creating an antique appearance; irregular and unique

Handcrafted Colonial—Much like our Pennsylvania Molded line, but with an even more handmade look created by simulation.