094de32c3e56c661e5401f4c2e5caf73Fall is the ideal time to install a backyard fireplace or firepit: the cooler weather provides a more hospitable work environment and the project will be finished in enough time that you can enjoy it before winter arrives.

A few caveats before you begin

Before beginning this DIY or professional construction project, determine the best location for your fire pit considering taking into account factors such as convenience, space availability and safety.

Another important consideration is size – how many people you plan to accommodate around a firepit or fireplace so you have adequate traffic flow and seating.

Benefits of thin brick

Thin brick is a great alternative to full size brick in an outdoor project such as this because it weighs considerably less so it can be installed in areas where brick wouldn’t be an option, takes much less time to install, and costs less than traditional brick.

Just like traditional brick, thin brick is low-maintenance and will not wear with time, so you won’t need to worry about repainting or resealing your brick.

Why a firepit or fireplace?

When you add a fireplace or firepit to your outdoor living space, you extend the life of your backyard while increasing your property’s overall value. They provide light and warmth as well as a cooking source many months out of the year.

Once your backyard is enhanced with a feature such as a firepit or fireplace, you’ll find that guests are drawn to the new space to socialize and gather.

These outdoor features can also be an expression of your creativity, utilizing thin brick of various colors, shapes, patterns and textures.