Watsontown Brick was founded in 1908, a manufacturer of paving bricks that were used on our own neighborhood city streets. One hundred years and three generations later, we have expanded our product line to include a full line of extruded face brick for residential use. With a brand new state of the art manufacturing facility, Watsontown Brick has the capability to make high quality brick in a wide range of styles, shapes, colors and finishes, giving residential builders a virtually limitless choice of design possibilities. Today, Watsontown Brick supplies brick for many of the finest homes throughout the country.

Brick is beautiful and durable, the ideal choice for distinctive homes that are guaranteed to last beyond a lifetime. The advantages of building with brick are well known. The structural integrity of a brick home is unmatched. Brick is durable, weather resistant and requires little or no maintenance. It is moisture resistant, fire resistant and unlikely to sustain damage from pests. A brick home holds economic value for the homeowner.  Brick construction can help reduce insurance premiums and utility bills. Some real estate professionals suggest that brick homes have a higher resale value than similar non-brink construction.

A brick home is a reflection of the elegant craftsmanship of both the manufacturer and the builder. At Watsontown Brick, we believe that brick making is not just a science, but a fine art. We combine colors, variations in texture, and surface treatments to add definition and depth, which further enhances the natural beauty of brick. Watsontown Brick has recently developed a new series of residential bricks to meet the design demands of the 21st century. This series includes:




Susquehanna Brick

Watsontown’s line of residential brick products offers many ways to create details and architectural effects that give a home its unique signature look. Brick can be used to customize the interior of the home with windows, archways, walls and columns. Chimneys and driveway entrances are distinctive features that enhance the exterior appearance of a home. Brick architectural details may be in contrasting or complementing color or design to the home, combining to create a home that expresses the individuality of its owner.

Watsontown Brick is one of the nation’s finest quality brick manufacturers. We offer a wide assortment of residential brick in a range of styles, shapes and colors.  At Watsontown Brick, our technology has moved into the future, but every brick we make carries with it a century old commitment to quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.