Watsontown Brick was founded in 1908, as a manufacturer of paving bricks used on our own neighborhood city streets. Throughout the past century, we have expanded our line of pavers to include a wide selection of popular colors in molded, extruded straight edge, chamfered and lugged units. Our pavers are made from the finest hard-fired clays and are used for parks, plazas, street crossings and residential projects throughout the eastern seaboard.

Clay pavers are an attractive and economical alternative to concrete or asphalt. Pavers are durable and strong, designed to withstand the rigors of time and the elements. Functional as well as attractive, pavers are virtually maintenance free and will retain their original appearance for years to come. Pavers are resistant to even the harshest weather conditions, staining, abrasion and fading. Watsontown Brick pavers meet current ASTM specifications for paving bricks that are subject to light vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

An outdoor landscape should be more than functional. Pavers provide countless creative options to enhance both the beauty and the value of any commercial or residential property. Watsontown Brick manufactures pavers in a wide array of colors, shapes and sizes. Pavers can be combined in complementary colors and sizes to customize the landscape. Variations in texture, shading and bonding, provide even more design possibilities. Watsontown Brick will also create custom pavers to fit any customer need.

There are many uses for pavers in both residential and commercial applications. Attractive brick pavers extend the style of the home to the landscape, enhancing both value and curb appeal. Our wide selection of pavers can be used to create any number of unique designs for pools, patios, walkways, steps, grill areas, and fireplaces. Our red brick pavers lend charm and character to the sidewalks and crosswalks of a lovely tree lined street. Pavers make public areas, such as courtyards and walkways, much more warm and inviting.

Watsontown Brick is one of the nation’s finest quality brick manufacturers. As a family owned business for three generations, we are proud offer a full line of clay pavers to meet all of your design and landscaping needs. Although our product line has expanded over the years, every brick we make still carries with it a century old commitment to quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.