PA Molded Brick

Pennsylvania Molded Brick

Founded in 1908, Watsontown Brick Company is a family-owned business creating a wide variety of brick shapes, colors and finishes. In 2001 Watsontown Brick launched a new manufacturing facility on the original site harnessing 21st century technology like automation, robotics and high-temperature kilns.

In 2008, one hundred years after the original plant opened, Watsontown Brick Company opened a third plant exclusively to manufacture molded and antique molded bricks. Only the finest clays and sands are pressed into molds, released, dried and fired in our new automated plant. Sand molded bricks offer a highly prized irregularity that brings individuality and character to any project. Our molded bricks are available in a variety of sizes, colors and custom shapes.

These soft-mud or molded bricks are produced using wooden molds to press out ten bricks at a time, duplicating a process over 150 years old to give a unique look of age. Like all of our bricks, our PA Molded Series Bricks are manufactured to withstand exterior use lending themselves well to commercial, residential and architectural structures. PA Molded Bricks pass freeze-thaw, absorption and compressive strength tests to ensure a high-quality, durable product.

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