Commercial Bricks

Watsontown Brick Company was founded in 1908, as a manufacturer of paving bricks for neighboring city streets. Nearly one hundred years later, Watsontown Brick opened two state of the art manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demand for high quality commercial face brick. We now have the capability to make a variety of commercial brick products in a wide range of shapes, sizes and colors. Our commercial brick product line was developed to meet the design demands of today’s architects, contractors and builders, bringing style and elegance to commercial construction.

At Watsontown Brick, we embrace the current trend toward distinctive style and have designed a series of bricks for commercial use. We have recently developed a new series of commercial bricks to meet the design demands of the 21st century.  This series includes:

Our distinctive line of commercial brick blends functionality with unique design elements, yielding commercial brick that is compatible with any architecture. From classic to contemporary, traditional to modern or in period replications, Watsontown Brick our brick is used throughout the Northeast for commercial buildings including:

Watsontown Brick is one of the nation’s finest quality brick manufacturers.  We offer a wide assortment of commercial brick in a range of styles, shapes and colors to meet all of your building needs.  Even as our technology moves into the future, every commercial brick we make still carries with it a century old commitment to quality, aesthetics and customer satisfaction.