Brick Shapes

Brick Shapes

You have chosen brick for many reasons – durability, classic style, and variety in design and color. What you may not know is that Watsontown Brick Company can custom design and hand craft brick shapes to extend your design concept and artistic effect to create a one-of-a-kind structure. We have already produced a large array of brick shapes adaptable to many designs, but your imagination need not be confined to these standard brick shapes.

In business since 1908, Watsontown Brick has honed time-honored skills and processes for creating custom brick shapes. Our creative design team will meet with you, your designer or architect to explore the many options to move your design from concept to reality. Our brick shapes are made by extruding the finest blends of shale and clay through dies and cutting them to create the special effect and fit you need. Like our standard brick products, these custom brick shapes go through a critical slow drying process and are then fired in high temperature kilns to assure the signature Watsontown Brick Company quality and durability. The cooled bricks are inspected, sorted and packaged to provide a perfect match for your project.

Whether you need special corners, angles, curves or slopes, we can accommodate your design. We can blend colors to match an existing or historic building or create unique colors that will separate your structure from those around it.

Many times you want the economy of scale that standard brick products allow, and we can provide you with a stunning selection of established brick series, sizes, shapes and colors. But when you want the impact of custom design, Watsontown Brick Company can help you create a structure of distinction and originality.

Let Watsontown Brick help you realize the custom finish and sculptural form that individually designed brick shapes provide.