Architectural Brick

When someone says “bricks and mortar,” you may envision the sturdy framework of a structure. But at Watsontown Brick Company you get not only the high quality and durability of the brick, but also the artistry of the architectural brick features as well.

Watsontown Brick Company manufactures an extensive line of architectural bricks that add authentic detailing to your building design. Our architectural bricks can give the uniform appearance of a traditional building, or we can use a variety of shapes and colors to create a unique interplay of components for ornamental effect. Our architectural bricks allow you to create structures both functional and beautiful from arches to window design to three-dimensional effects.

Watsontown Brick Company features four products in the architectural brick series:

At Watsontown Brick Company, brick making is a science and an art. We use 21st century technology to manufacture the strongest most durable brick. We tap over one hundred years of experience in our family-owned business to bring artistry and craftsmanship to our architectural brick products.

To create a unique architectural project, contact us at Watsontown Brick Company.

Let the team at Watsontown Brick move your vision of color, shape, form and function from your mind to the mason’s hands with our architectural brick designs.