Exterior Fall Cleanup

Exterior Fall Cleanup
September 25, 2015 MePush Web Team

powerwashWhile brick homes are virtually maintenance-free, this is a good time of year to think about power washing summer moss that may have accumulated in shady areas.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • If there are any areas in need of mortar repair, complete that process a few days, or ideally a week, before power washing.
  • Beware of high pressure, in fact, some areas can simply be scrubbed by hand to avoid damaging brick.
  • It’s a good idea to test an inconspicuous area first before washing an entire wall. This will allow you to make any adjustments.
  • Because brick is porous, it will naturally soak up moisture from the surface. To prevent it from soaking up detergent, wet the brick first with plain water. This protects the brick while still allowing you to clean effectively.
  • Wash from the bottom to the top to avoid streaking and always keep the surface wet. Do one small area at a time.
  • Use gentle sweeping passes with detergent-free water to rinse away the detergent. Make sure to rinse the detergent thoroughly, which may take several passes.

With these simple tips, you’re sure to keep your brick home looking like brand new without compromising the material’s integrity.