About us

Watsontown Brick Company, a family-owned brick manufacturer located near the Susquehanna River in North Central Pennsylvania, is an innovator and industry leader producing quality bricks and pavers for over a century. Founded in 1908 to provide street pavers for surrounding towns, Watsontown Brick today is a premier manufacturer and marketer offering a vast variety of extruded and molded bricks to builders, architects and contractors throughout the Northeast.

Watsontown Brick Company’s quality products, including architectural, facing, refractory and ‘green’ bricks as well as masonry units and pavers, begin with abundant access to superior raw materials—native red shale and plastic yellow shale from our on-site quarry, water that is drawn from deep wells, filtered and quality tested and the finest sands available from throughout the country. Quality materials are just the beginning. Our dedicated and expertly trained workforce, state-of-the-art technology and insistence on quality craftsmanship in each step of the manufacturing process assure consistent quality and unequaled durability and beauty in each of our products.

In the last decade Watsontown Brick has opened two new plants to meet the changing needs of architects and builders. Our fully-automated extrusion plant with its high temperature kiln—inaugurated in 2001—was designed to provide increased production and the ability to manufacture a much wider range of products including a multitude of types, sizes, shapes and colors that meet stringent FBX specifications. In 2008, the opening of our molded brick plant further extended Watsontown Brick’s line of architectural bricks. Our molded bricks, also available in a full range of colors, sizes and shapes, are designed to meet the highest aesthetic standards whether for traditional, contemporary or renovation projects.